The  Concept, Total Aqueous Systems Cleaner, is a trademark of GreenPowerChemical

TASC was developed through extensive research conducted by Environmental Services Group to build an aqueous cleaning system which would bring to industry the equipment as well as the cleaners to replace the hazardous cleaning systems and solvents which threaten the environment and health of the user. TASC may be used as a safe general purpose cleaner or in conjunction with Aqueous Parts Washers.

TASC is non-toxic
TASC is readily soluble in water
TASC is free of all Phosphates, NTA and toxic substances
TASC contains no caustic soda
TASC's unique anionic and nonionic characteristics enhances wetting of hard and soft surfaces
TASC will not encourage vegetation overgrowth to clog streams, rivers, or stagnate ponds and lakes

The unique activity of TASC is based on inorganic buffers and deflocculants. The wetting power is started by means of organic fatty materials. The wetting power is sustained and continued by means of alkaline builders that carry the detersive process to completion.

Machinery and equipment, concrete floors, all painted surfaces, porcelain, fixtures, bathtubs etc., steel, tile, wood, aluminum and its alloys, conductor pipes, and milk equipment, bus and truck bodies, automobiles, copper and its alloys, including brass, cooking utensils, pots, pans, bottles, dishes, crockery, and glass.

Steam Gun Operations: Suitable for oil based paint stripping, degreasing, washing.

Rotary Head Operation: Use to clean tanks, vats, kettles or stills for oils (mineral or vegetable) and for synthetic, alkyd and non-alkyd varnishes and paints.

To Avoid Etching on Aluminum: Do not exceed 6 ozs. per gallon

Recommended Dilution: 3 to 4 ozs. TASC POWDER per 5 gallons of water. Increase strength as needed. FOR BEST RESULTS, USE HOT WATER.

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